Drew’s Birthday Celebration

I was visiting family and friends on Drew’s birthday this year, so we didn’t really celebrate until this past weekend.  As you may know, he is a big fan of NPR.  Sometimes I catch him sitting in his car after work listening to the end of a story.  What a nerd 🙂  The cake he requested this year was featured on All Things Considered.  According to the story, the cake was originally made at Ebinger’s Bakery in Brooklyn.  The recipe has a warning that it is difficult and some bakers experience “post-traumatic cake syndrome”.  When I read this, I had second thoughts about making the cake.  Then I read that it should be consumed within 24 hours.  I thought to myself how we wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be able eat that much cake, but in the end decided I was up for the challenge.


The recipe called for four types of chocolate.  A recipe that uses that much chocolate is likely to be good.

The cake did have quite a few steps, but none were too difficult.  I would say it wasn’t harder to make than any other layer cake.  The end result was a delicious, moist chocolate cake with chocolate filling, chocolate frosting, and a chocolate cake crumble topping.  We ended up freezing half of the cake and eating the rest over a period of a few days. 2014-06-03

Drew’s main birthday gift was tickets to see the Marketplace LIVE! road tour.  Before going to the show, we picked up philly cheesesteak sandwiches from Original Steaks & Hoagies.  I had never been there before, so I looked up reviews on Urbanspoon to decide what to order.  We both ended up getting a philly cheesesteaks with onions and cheese whiz.  The sandwiches were huge!  The small was 7 inches and loaded with steak.

2014-06-20The show was downtown at Playhouse Square.  Of course we listened to Marketplace on the drive to see Marketplace LIVE!. It was our first time visiting the area, and I have heard it is one of the largest theater districts in the country.  As we were approaching the parking garage, we saw the new chandelier hanging across the street.  It makes the area look very fancy.


IMG_20140620_211223455_HDROnce at the theater we were assisted by many different ushers to get to our seats.  Everyone we spoke to was very nice and helpful.  The theater was pretty, but it was no Coronado.  The show was titled “How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Numbers”.  Kai Ryssdal was the host and there were various other guest speakers.  The story I found to be the most interesting was about food stamps.  The speaker, Krissy Clark, took us on a journey to explore the secret life of a food stamp.  At the end there was a twist.  The food stamps we were following belonged to a worker who spends her food stamps at her employer.  If her employer paid more, she would likely not need the food stamps. You can listen to the whole series here.

Other featured speakers were Maria Coyne of KeyBank, Ivan Schwarz of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, Keith Woolner of the Cleveland Indians’ Baseball Analytics group (he is the guy who invented the VORP or Value Over Replacement Player), and NPR reporters Adriene Hill, Paddy Hirsch, and Stacey Vanek Smith.  The last presentation of the night was about data profiles collected for marketing purposes.  Stacey Vanek Smith shared her profile (middling single), Kai’s profile (skyboxes & suburbans), and the audience’s profile as group of 46-56 year olds with kids.  Needless to say, Drew and I didn’t really fit the profile.  I am happy to say that as we were walking out, we did see TWO people that were younger than us 🙂


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