Night Glow

Friday night, Drew and I ran the Jackson Night Glow 5k.  It was a pretty big event with over 2,000 participants.  The race started at the high school and finished at a festival with rides and food trucks.  Packet pickup was at the school.  This is always nice, because then there are bathrooms close by 🙂  We received bright yellow tech shirts and glow sticks.  We didn’t wear the glow sticks until after the race, but many other people wore them while running.  The high school reminded me of ONU.  Their mascot was a polar bear, and there was a green running path that went by the school.  IMG_20140627_222910304
The course was pretty fast.  The race started at the top of a hill with a firework display in the distance.  I didn’t really see the fireworks, but I heard them.  I was too busy trying not to run into anyone in front of me.  Most of the course was lit up, but I still managed to step in a pot hole.  I guess that is the downside of running in the dark.  There were water stations, people cheering, and music playing all along the course.  The race definitely had a lot of community support.  The light displays kept the course interesting.  There were strings of lights hanging, candles on the ground, and even a tunnel of lights.  Running through the tunnel seemed to give everyone more energy.  I felt like we were running over one of the speed ramps in Mario Kart.  Since it was a Subway Challenge race, there were sub sandwiches and chips to munch on after the race as well as chocolate milk, bananas, and bomb pops.  The popsicles were particularly refreshing.  Drew ran his fastest 5k ever, and I tied my fastest.  All in all, it was a good race.


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