Happy 4th of July!

This morning was the 4th of July 5 miler in North Canton.  The weather was nice and cool – perfect for a race!  The announcer said that there were over 3,000 combined participants between the 2 mile and 5 mile events.  While we were warming up, we saw the start of the 2 mile.  I couldn’t believe how many people there were!  It seemed liked a never ending stream.  At the starting line, runners were lined up according to bib color.  The color designated your expected pace.  It was nice to start with people that were aiming to run the same pace as me.

2014-07-04After the race, there was dancing in the street and a parade.  We decided to stick around for the parade, because Drew had never seen a 4th of July parade.  This seemed crazy to me since I lived on a parade route in my hometown.

IMG_20140704_104617507_HDREither the parade today was short, or they were just more exciting when I was younger.  We were hoping for a marching band, but instead there was a baton and drum corps.  The youngest twirlers were adorable.  The parade only lasted 30 minutes, but at least Drew gained some parade watching experience.


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  1. I loved getting an alert that you had finished the race – you did great!! I cannot believe Drew had never seen a 4th of July parade, he is lucky to have a wife who knows how to properly celebrate 🙂 Also, that picture of Newton completely melts my heart! Adorable!

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