Arena Football

Recently, Drew and I discovered arena football.  It is like outdoor football, but indoors on a hockey arena sized field.  Since the field is only 50 yards long, the game is fast and high scoring.  This (in my opinion) makes it much more exciting.  Cleveland has their own AFL or Arena Football League team.  All together there are 14 teams in the league nationwide.  We were able to make it to a game this past weekend


The team is doing great this year, and they are headed to the play-offs.  The crowd was really into the game and participated in all the cheers.  It is always more enjoyable to be at a game where the crowd is engaged.  Every time the team got a touch down, special music would play, and people would pump their arms to the beat.


The concessions at the game were unique.  There was sweets stand selling huge pieces of white layer cake with rainbow sprinkles for $5 as well as a gourmet pretzel stand.  I don’t think I have ever seen cake being sold at an arena before.  Unfortunately, we did not get a piece of cake or a fancy pretzel, so I don’t know if they are actually as delicious as they look.  We did try the water in the drinking fountain.  It did not have a metallic taste and was an acceptable temperature.  I would recommend it.


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