New Home!

In December, Drew got a new job (which he loves!), so we bought a house and moved to Indiana at the end of January!  Here is Newton helping me pack.  Unfortunately for him, the frog family got “lost” in the move.

It snowed constantly for a few days before the move.   Newton had a stick that he loved at our old house.  He found it at the park while on a walk one day with Drew.  I had left it out in the yard hoping he would forget about it with all the snow.  I was wrong.  He was so proud of himself for finding it in the snow and wanted so badly to bring it inside.


I tried to clear all the walkways before the movers came, but just couldn’t melt the inches of ice on the steps.  I even attempted to crack the ice by banging it repeatedly with a shovel and tried pouring hot water on it.  Luckily the movers brought an ice pick and plenty of salt!


The movers loaded us up on Friday morning.  I walked Newton around town to keep him out of the way.  We stopped and picked up lunch at On The Rise in Cleveland Heights.  We already miss going there.  They have the best sandwiches, and the cookies are awesome too.IMG_20160122_124210691We left for Indiana when I got off of work Friday night.  Here is the last picture we took in our old place.  Newton was so frantic.  He didn’t want us to leave without him!


Newton found an old friend at the new place.  While the movers were unloading, Newton and I explored the yard.  He promptly went to work finding himself a new stick.  It took him a while, but he is finally starting to enjoy being outside by himself.  He was so used to only going out on a leash that he thought it was punishment when we let him out by himself.   So far we love the house and our new neighborhood!!


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