February Races

In February, we attended 3 races.  The most exciting race was first, and we didn’t even run in it.  Drew’s brother, Evan, qualified to run in the Olympic Marathon Time Trials!!  We flew out to LA for a weekend to watch him race.  Here is Evan at the beginning of the race.  He is the one in the green singlet on the far right.


It was such a hot day, and he did so awesome!  There were about 160 men that started the race and only 108 finished.



The first race that we ran in was the Polar Bear.  You could run a 5k, 5 mile, or the Bear which was both.  This year we both chose the 5 mile, but next year I might shoot for the Bear.  We both had pretty good races.  Finishing at 30:13 for Drew and 41:06 for me.

After the race, we hurried back so we could make it to the market.  We walked up the trail to get breakfast.  I made Drew take a picture by the mural like a tourist 😉


The next weekend we ran the Winter Warm-Up which was either a 4 mile or and 8 mile course on the Cultural Trail.  I opted for the 4 miler while Drew ran the 8 miler.  The race was mostly along the trail and it was neat to be able to run on it completely uninterrupted by traffic.  Drew ran 51:42 and placed 3rd overall. I ran 31:46 and placed 2nd.  Unfortunately, they only gave prizes to the top one male and female 😦  The race started at the City Market, so we stayed for lunch.  It was cute, but much smaller than our favorite indoor market.  We decided on smoothies, tamales, and crepes.  The food was all delicious, but not as good as our old crepe place or a Rockford garage sale tamale.



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