One of the first things we did before moving in was paint.  We started with the pantry/laundry room area as practice.  We had originally decided to paint the whole house one neutral shade of white and then change it later.  I took a trip to Sherwin Williams and picked up many paint sample cards of pale neutrals.  There are so many shades of white available.  After holding up and comparing all the samples, we decided that white was kinda boring.


We went back to the paint store and ended up picking out Aquamarine for the laundry/pantry area and a shade of sky blue for our bedroom.


After seeing how bright and fun the Aquamarine was, we ended up painting the other two bedrooms in bright colors as well.


The blue paint we chose for the bedroom didn’t cover in one coat, so we had to get more paint.  We ended up going with Behr Marquee for the rest of the rooms and love it.  It is a little more expensive, but worth it to me to have to only do one coat.   The bedroom is C’est La Vie to to go with our navy and white bedding.

Drew chose the office color to be Balsam.

For the sewing room/guest room, I wanted mint. Pageant Green ended up being my choice.  The ceiling was originally brown, so we used leftover paint from the living room to make it gray.


For the living room, we were strongly considering Electric Blue, but decided that a neutral gray with bright furnishings would be better.  We ended up choosing Gray Shimmer based on many internet recommendations of how it is one of the best neutral color choices for any home.

We also used the gray in the hallway.  Previously the hallway was three different shades of gray brown, so having it only be one color makes it look much cleaner.


After all the painting and moving of boxes was complete, there was a celebratory cake.  A funfetti dinosaur cake, of course.IMG_20160127_165641584


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