Weekend Project: Pavers

Our new place has such a nice deck area out back with stairs leading up to the rail trail, but the side yard is not so nice.  It is lumpy, has a crazy amount of sticks all over, clumps of chives growing randomly in the middle of he yard, and barely any grass.  The biggest problem is the barely any grass.  When it rains it becomes a giant mud pit.  We are talking so muddy that even Mr. N won’t walk through it to go potty.  He will either try to jump over it or teeter on the edge of the retaining wall.


This past weekend we decided to tackle the muddy walkway by the fence.  A few weeks ago we purchased the paver base.  We calculated that we needed 34 bags, so we headed out to make our purchase.  We loaded up the Focus with all the bags and someone walking by commented that we should be careful because it looked like we had a heavy load.  Sure enough the back of the car was coming down on the tires.  IMG_20160220_201705289_HDRWe evened out the weight by putting the bags all over the car, not just in the trunk.  This meant even in the passenger seat.  I had no where to sit, so I wandered around Menards for an hour while Drew drove the load home and came back to pick me up.  I think I walked up and down every aisle in the store.  Menards has some pretty interesting items for sale.  I enjoyed looking through the greeting cards and spotted this giant garden gnome.


Needless to say, we opted to have the rest of the   supplies and pavers delivered during the week.  Saturday we leveled out the dirt and started putting paver base. Newton enjoyed digging and snorting in the dirt all day.  He is really good at removing tree roots.  He yanks them out of the ground and then gnaws them off.

Sunday we finished laying the paver base and sand in the morning and then laid the pavers in the afternoon.


It is supposed to rain quite a bit in the upcoming weeks.  We will see how it holds up.  Now we need some flowers in the garden and a nice rain barrel.IMG_20160309_110649433_HDR

I almost forgot – Saturday at the market there were kumquats for sale!  🙂IMG_20160305_111517254


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