Happy Pi Day!


While on a group run, someone told me I needed to go home and learn about my new home state. (I could not list the state symbols, and this was apparently shameful.)  After a quick google search,  I learned that Indiana has many state symbols including a state stone.  Below are the symbols I remember.

State Flower:  Peony

State Bird:  Cardinal

State Tree:  Tulip Poplar

State Dessert:   Sugar Cream Pie

State Beverage:  Water

State Stone:  Salem Limestone

State Motto:  Crossroads of America

My favorite two are dessert and flower.  This weekend I decided to show some Hoosier IMG_20160314_061706884_HDRpride by planting peonies in the front yard and making sugar cream pie.  I used the sugar cream pie recipe on Annies Eats.  The pie was simple to make and didn’t have that many ingredients.  I was a little skeptical that the filling would have an odd texture, but it tastes custard-y.  If I made it again I would use a different crust recipe.  My original intent was to make the pie for Drew to take to work, but the crust burned.  I followed the blind baking suggestion and even with foil around the edge for all but the first 20 minutes, it still burned.  I think next time I would use my go to King Arthur pie crust recipe with half shortening and half butter as opposed to an all butter crust and keep the foil on the whole time.

Despite the ruined crust, the pie still tasted delicious and seems like a good dessert for a mid western state.  It makes use of dairy products and has a simple laid-back flavor.


Happy Pi Day!!



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