New Shutters

Monday night, we finally installed our new shutters!!  Before we bought our house, I looked at many pictures of it on google street view.  We decided that we were not a fan of the black shutters.  They were so boring and too small for the windows.

For the new shutters, I knew I would only want them on the outer two windows.  I wanted to draw attention away from the middle encasement window.  It is too close to the door to have proper sized shutters.  We started building the new shutters a few weeks ago using a  design from Lowes.  The diagrams were easy to follow, and we love the results!  When we were getting the paint mixed, the lady mixing the paint nicely told me she thought I was crazy for getting such a bright color in exterior paint ha-ha.

Before pictures:

IMG_20160320_110919300_HDR - Copy (2)IMG_20160320_110958223_HDR - CopyIMG_20160320_111017415_HDR


In the process of hanging:

Our adorable helper:

After pictures:


We painted the garage door window trim and mailbox post too.  The mailbox post is so bright you can see it from the end of the street.





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