Sam Costa 2017

This morning was the Sam Costa Quarter and Half Marathon.  This was our second year running, and we opted for the quarter marathon length.  Sam Costa is one of the most organized (if not the best) races around.  Packet pick-up is so quick, the course is very well marked with volunteers at every turn, water stations are plentiful, and there are cookies at the finish.

I started the race strong hoping to get a 10k PR, but hit a wall after only mile 2.  Mile 3 was awful.  I almost starting walking because I couldn’t breath very well.  I have been battling the flu all week and had trouble breathing on some runs earlier this week, but had been feeling better and had high hopes of a fast race.

I managed to finish in under an hour with no walking which became my new goal during mile 3.  One neat thing about the race is that overall winners, course record holders, and age group winners get their names on the back of next year’s t-shirt.  Drew placed first in his age group with a respectable time of 40:58 or 6:16 pace.  He wasn’t thrilled with the time, but I thought he still did well.  I finished with a time of  56:20 or 8:37 pace.  Somehow this was good enough to earn me first in my age group.  I was so surprised, since last year I ran quicker and was not first.  There were other women in front of me in my age group, but they were overall winners.  The overall winner of the race was actually female this year which isn’t something you see often.


Note that Drew made the shirt this year 🙂


After the race, we went to Taste of Havana for lunch.  A delicious choice.


Plans for the rest of the day include planting these beauties ❀❀❀




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