Race Recaps

Since I never got around to it during the spring or summer, here are some race recaps!



Race for Roofs 5K – April

The Race for Roofs 5k was our first 5k of the year.  It was a nice community event and took place in the Englewood neighborhood on the near east side.  The youth running group in that neighborhood is fast bunch!  It is nice to see how supportive they are of their teammates and how happy they are to be running.  Look at the cute boxes we received for running the race.


Each box included a delicious homemade peanut butter granola bar.  I have made them at least half a dozen times since the race!  The race was on the smaller side, but Drew and I both finished first!  (Drew 17:46, Taylor 22:46)  I think the course was a touch short.  I have never been first female before, so it was quite exciting!!

race for roofs 2016.jpg


If you look close at the award, you will note the age group is Female 40-54.  They originally had me as a male on the results, so they had already given away the first place award.  They had an unclaimed age group award that I accepted instead.  I think I look pretty good for age 40 🙂 After the race, Drew took me to brunch at Bent Rail Brewery to celebrate my first place win 😀  The monte cristo was the best I have ever had and the side salad with goji berries was delicious as well.


Glass City – April

Last year, Glass City was my first ever half marathon.  This year, I only ran the 5k (Drew did the half), so I would have more time to train for the Indy Mini half.  Glass City is always a fun race.  Drew’s brother always runs and usually his mom does too.  Drew: 1:23:21   Taylor: 24.11


We always go out to lunch after the race.  This year we went to Big Boy’s, because we received coupons at the race.


Indy Mini – May

The Indy Mini was my spring half for 2016.  I didn’t run as fast as I had hoped,  but the race was a ton of fun.  I think there was literally a water stop and band playing every mile.  The coolest part was running around the race track and being able to watch fast people (like Evan) finish on the big screen.  After the race, the boys got a crazy idea to climb 300+ steps to the top of the monument.  The view was awesome, but I had  a rough time going up and down all those steps.  I guess I better work some stair stepping into my workout for next year, haha.  After the race, we celebrated with breakfast at Biscuits and delicious strawberry birthday pie courtesy of Evan. Drew: 1:24:26, Taylor 1:54:57, Evan: 1:08:13




Run 317 Series

The Run 317 is a series of 5 Thursday night races held in different neighborhoods.  There is still one race remaining in October.  Originally, I thought it would be fun to race during the middle of the week and explore different areas of town all while forcing myself into much needed speed workouts.  Turns out that I didn’t enjoy it that much.  All the races are 3.17 miles long, and it is really hot in evening.  Having the course be longer than a 5K was tough mentally (especially when it ran long), and I am much more of a morning racer.  One of the races was un-timed because it was so hot.  We opted not to attend that race and just run on the trail instead.  The races we have attended so far are The Circle (Drew 18:29, Taylor 24:24), Broad Ripple (Drew 18:52, Taylor 25:28), and the Carmel Arts District (Drew 18:29, Taylor 24:32).


The Circle


Broad Ripple

run317 Broad Ripple 2016.jpg

Run the Runway – August

We ran this race with a friend in IL.  It was raining all morning, but cleared up in time for the race.  Some other people were supposed to run with us, but they didn’t come to the race.  Instead, they met us afterwards for brunch.  The race took place at the Rockford Airport on the runways.  They had planes parked along the race course which was neat.  Drew (17:46) and I (24:43) ran the 5k.  Dane ran his first race doing the 1 mile and got first place in his age group.  Way to go Dane!


After the race, we went to Egg Harbor Cafe for brunch and then headed to the Murray’s house to meet their new puppy, Piper.  Newton had a great time playing with her.  Piper was not so thrilled when she first met Newton.  She would just collapse to the ground when he started to sniff her.  After a while, she warmed up to him and ran around the yard chasing and nipping at his tail.  His tail is quite popular with small dogs and puppies.



Overall, we didn’t run nearly as many races this year 😦  Drew ran one more when I was working a weekend and placed 2nd!  I really miss having a competitive racing series like the Ohio Challenge Series or Hermes Racing Series near by.  I enjoy being able to choose whatever races I want and not having to worry about how many points I will earn from running them, but I also enjoy being forced into running races more often.  Now that I don’t have to work weekends anymore our race participation should be on the rise (hopefully a minimum of 1 per month with 4 planned for October!)



March Quarter Marathon


This year we didn’t end up running a St Patrick’s day race.  Instead, we opted for the Sam Costa Quarter Marathon.  It was only the 11th year for the quarter marathon, but the IMG_20160323_084611750-00147th year for the half marathon distance.  According to the race website, Sam Costa was a detective in Chicago that used to travel to central Indiana to run with friends each year.  The race was renamed in his honor in the 70s and there is a cartoon-y looking detective on the shirts each year.


The race was held in Carmel, starting and ending at Northview Church.  The church had ample parking and a large lobby for packet pickup.  The race was well organized with IMG_20160319_102830521_HDRplenty of restrooms and water stops.  The course was had some rolling hills, but overall it was a nice run.  I packed us some Noomas for hydration after the race.  It was my first time having the chocolate mint flavor.  It tasted just like a dessert 🙂


Drew ran it in 40:29 (6:11 pace), and I ran it in 53:14 (8:08 pace).  He took 1st in his age group, and I took 2nd in mine.


After the race we went spice shopping at Penzey’s and went out to brunch.  We decided to try 3 Sisters Cafe.  It was a great choice!  I think it might be my new favorite brunch spot in town.  Drew had a biscuit with egg, chicken sausage, and gouda.  I had the lemon corncakes with blueberry sauce, lemon curd, and whipped cream.  Everyone around us was ordering dessert, so we decided to try it too.  We went with the chocolate bacon pie.  It was good, but not something I would get again.  It was a chocolate cheesecake like pie with bacon crumbles on top.  The main dishes we got were delicious, and I know we will go back again.


We also started working on new shutters.  When the lady at the paint store opened the can of paint to show me the color, she nicely told me she thought I was crazy when I originally handed her the paint chip for exterior paint.  Once she opened the can, she said she changed her mind and thought it was a pretty spring color, ha-ha.  Here is a preview:


Plank Challenge & Ice Cream

Have you been seeing the 30 Day Plank Challenge around the internet?  About a month ago, I decided to give it a try.  I thought “How hard could it be?  All you do is hold yourself above the ground for a while.”  Wrong.  It was pretty hard, but I did it!  The first week wasn’t too bad.  You start at 20 seconds daily and work your way up to 40 seconds.  By the end of 30 days, you are able to hold the pose for 5 minutes!  I used the free Plank A Lot app on my phone to keep track of the days.  Drew ended up doing it with me each night. To keep our minds distracted, we listened to NPR while holding the pose.  Newt caught on to this quickly.  After a few nights, he would get excited and start frantically wagging his tail when he saw us lay on the ground.  He would then proceed to enjoy himself by laying down between us and happily wagging his tail while we suffered in pain.  The worst was when he decided that it would be fun to lick our faces or the bottoms of our feet while we were defenseless.  We ended up taking longer than 30 days to complete the challenge, but I still feel quite accomplished!  5 minutes was brutal, but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  My core has been strengthened.  Success!  My mother completed the challenge as well, go mom!  Since the last NPR story we listened to was about how to construct the perfect ice cream sandwich, I decided the best way to celebrate the completion of the challenge would be to make my own ice cream.  I whipped up some chocolate peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered peanuts.


The recipe came from the Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz.  Every recipe I have tried has been fantastic.  This includes the parsley ice cream and mango sorbet pictured below.

I was too impatient and didn’t let the base cool long enough (or really at all) before pouring it into the ice cream bowl.  The end result looked a little like poo, but it tasted fine.  A few hours in the freezer resulted in a much nicer texture.