My Mom Made It

A few years ago, I decided that I didn’t want to pay full price for clothes and that I didn’t like to keep going to stores looking for deals.  For a while, I happily shopped for clothes on Thredup, but then I found an even better way to acquire clothing.  Have my mom sew it!   My mom made me some pretty nice clothes this summer.  Here is a collection of some of her work.  Perfect for all occasions.  Thanks mom! 🙂

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Weekend Project: His and Hers Edition


A creeper to use while changing oil and to move Miss Figgy (0ur fig tree) in and out of the garage in inclement weather.

Buying supplies

Miss Figgy and N


In progress


The finished product

Note:  This picture isn’t posed, he is actually changing the oil 🙂


A spring apron using this pattern and fabric from my favorite fabric store.  The pattern is pretty easy to follow and uses french seams (which I love!).  The only issue I had was that the straps were super long.  I would suggest starting with shorter straps.  I had to trim them down by at least 18 inches.

The supplies


The finished product

More Newton birthday celebration pictures:


Happy Birthday!

Today is Newton’s 6th Birthday!  He is celebrating by doing all his favorite things – going on a walk, playing ball, snorting in the dirt, playing with the  hose, chewing his bone, and napping with a large fluffy friend.  Here is a look at his 5th year of life.  Note how he manages to look cute despite the terrible haircuts I give him.


Here he is enjoying a game of birthday fetch. It is perfect weather today – sunny with a strong wind to keep a fluffy puppy cool 🙂


Weekend Project: Pavers

Our new place has such a nice deck area out back with stairs leading up to the rail trail, but the side yard is not so nice.  It is lumpy, has a crazy amount of sticks all over, clumps of chives growing randomly in the middle of he yard, and barely any grass.  The biggest problem is the barely any grass.  When it rains it becomes a giant mud pit.  We are talking so muddy that even Mr. N won’t walk through it to go potty.  He will either try to jump over it or teeter on the edge of the retaining wall.


This past weekend we decided to tackle the muddy walkway by the fence.  A few weeks ago we purchased the paver base.  We calculated that we needed 34 bags, so we headed out to make our purchase.  We loaded up the Focus with all the bags and someone walking by commented that we should be careful because it looked like we had a heavy load.  Sure enough the back of the car was coming down on the tires.  IMG_20160220_201705289_HDRWe evened out the weight by putting the bags all over the car, not just in the trunk.  This meant even in the passenger seat.  I had no where to sit, so I wandered around Menards for an hour while Drew drove the load home and came back to pick me up.  I think I walked up and down every aisle in the store.  Menards has some pretty interesting items for sale.  I enjoyed looking through the greeting cards and spotted this giant garden gnome.


Needless to say, we opted to have the rest of the   supplies and pavers delivered during the week.  Saturday we leveled out the dirt and started putting paver base. Newton enjoyed digging and snorting in the dirt all day.  He is really good at removing tree roots.  He yanks them out of the ground and then gnaws them off.

Sunday we finished laying the paver base and sand in the morning and then laid the pavers in the afternoon.


It is supposed to rain quite a bit in the upcoming weeks.  We will see how it holds up.  Now we need some flowers in the garden and a nice rain barrel.IMG_20160309_110649433_HDR

I almost forgot – Saturday at the market there were kumquats for sale!  🙂IMG_20160305_111517254


One of the first things we did before moving in was paint.  We started with the pantry/laundry room area as practice.  We had originally decided to paint the whole house one neutral shade of white and then change it later.  I took a trip to Sherwin Williams and picked up many paint sample cards of pale neutrals.  There are so many shades of white available.  After holding up and comparing all the samples, we decided that white was kinda boring.


We went back to the paint store and ended up picking out Aquamarine for the laundry/pantry area and a shade of sky blue for our bedroom.


After seeing how bright and fun the Aquamarine was, we ended up painting the other two bedrooms in bright colors as well.


The blue paint we chose for the bedroom didn’t cover in one coat, so we had to get more paint.  We ended up going with Behr Marquee for the rest of the rooms and love it.  It is a little more expensive, but worth it to me to have to only do one coat.   The bedroom is C’est La Vie to to go with our navy and white bedding.

Drew chose the office color to be Balsam.

For the sewing room/guest room, I wanted mint. Pageant Green ended up being my choice.  The ceiling was originally brown, so we used leftover paint from the living room to make it gray.


For the living room, we were strongly considering Electric Blue, but decided that a neutral gray with bright furnishings would be better.  We ended up choosing Gray Shimmer based on many internet recommendations of how it is one of the best neutral color choices for any home.

We also used the gray in the hallway.  Previously the hallway was three different shades of gray brown, so having it only be one color makes it look much cleaner.


After all the painting and moving of boxes was complete, there was a celebratory cake.  A funfetti dinosaur cake, of course.IMG_20160127_165641584


New Home!

In December, Drew got a new job (which he loves!), so we bought a house and moved to Indiana at the end of January!  Here is Newton helping me pack.  Unfortunately for him, the frog family got “lost” in the move.

It snowed constantly for a few days before the move.   Newton had a stick that he loved at our old house.  He found it at the park while on a walk one day with Drew.  I had left it out in the yard hoping he would forget about it with all the snow.  I was wrong.  He was so proud of himself for finding it in the snow and wanted so badly to bring it inside.


I tried to clear all the walkways before the movers came, but just couldn’t melt the inches of ice on the steps.  I even attempted to crack the ice by banging it repeatedly with a shovel and tried pouring hot water on it.  Luckily the movers brought an ice pick and plenty of salt!


The movers loaded us up on Friday morning.  I walked Newton around town to keep him out of the way.  We stopped and picked up lunch at On The Rise in Cleveland Heights.  We already miss going there.  They have the best sandwiches, and the cookies are awesome too.IMG_20160122_124210691We left for Indiana when I got off of work Friday night.  Here is the last picture we took in our old place.  Newton was so frantic.  He didn’t want us to leave without him!


Newton found an old friend at the new place.  While the movers were unloading, Newton and I explored the yard.  He promptly went to work finding himself a new stick.  It took him a while, but he is finally starting to enjoy being outside by himself.  He was so used to only going out on a leash that he thought it was punishment when we let him out by himself.   So far we love the house and our new neighborhood!!